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Designed to Save You Money of Your A/C Bills

The Attendant range of wireless room climate controls offers the ultimate in cost effective air-conditioning management on a room occupancy basis.

Attendant IR - Wall mount - Battery powered

The Attendant  offers the ultimate in cost effective air-conditioning management on a room occupancy basis.

The Attendant range falls in to two categories.

Firstly wall mounted air-conditioners which are controlled with infra-red signals that replicate the signals of the hand held remote control.

Secondly for concealed air-conditioning systems which are controlled by an on-board relay and propriety interface.

The sophisticated software offers ultimate flexibility in providing energy savings, carbon reduction and flexibility of room climate control.

For the hospitality industry, consideration has been given to room occupancy and due to the intelligent software recognises where the occupant's are within the room and only switches off the air-conditioning once they have exited, thus ensuring the comfort of the guest.

Window and doors can also be monitored with the Attendant's wireless sensors which switch off the air-conditioning if windows or doors are left open.

Ease of installation has been one of the paramount considerations in addition to longevity of battery life.

Mains operation is available if preferred.

Features ATT- IRT suitable for wall mounted air-conditioners

  • Wireless, retrofit room control with ease of installation
  • Infra-red control that replicates the signals of the hand held control by easy programming method
  • Intelligent micro-processor control with PIR occupancy sensor
  • Compatible with all major wall mounted air-conditioning systems
  • No electrical interface required
  • Easily expandable with additional sensors
  • Long battery life (optional mains operation if required)
  • Optional window/door sensor operation
  • Optional temperature setting for on/off control in heating, cooling and standby applications


  • Reduction in energy bills and carbon emissions
  • Controls individual air-conditioning units
  • Allows close individual room climate control for maximum efficiency and comfort
  • Can be used to control windows and doors with additional sensors
  • Compliments existing Building Management System installations
  • Low cost giving rapid return on investment
  • Low maintenance
  • For hospitality applications - allows air-conditioning to remain on whilst occupants are sleeping by cleverly monitoring the occupancy status

Optional Extras

  • Temperature settings for switching the air-conditioning ‘off’ when in heating mode, ‘on’  when in cooling mode and standby for low level ambient when unoccupied
  • Wireless window and door sensors which switches off the air-conditioning if windows / doors are opened
  • Additional room sensors for irregular shaped areas or extra rooms that require monitoring
  • Mains adapter as an alternative to battery operation

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